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How Can You Lose Fat 8 Times Faster 
And Get A Flatter Belly, Guaranteed?

A Recently Published Double-Blind Study Reveals How 4
Surprising Foods Form The Natural Secret To Rapidly Get A
Leaner Body, More Energy, And Greater Health…

A Couple Skeptical Doctors Tried Everything They Could To 
Disprove Our Research. But When The Clinical Study’s Results 
Came Back? They Couldn’t Believe What Happened:

I’ll never forget that moment…

Because it was one of the largest clinical weight loss studies ever being conducted.

And OUR new formula was sitting right in its crosshairs!

Normally, other companies would run in the other direction if anyone wanted to put their product to the test like this.

They simply don’t have the guts, because once the results are established…

It gets published for the entire world to see.

At best, other companies might test a single ingredient. 

But almost nobody tests the entire formula, as a whole, like we had to.

(And that’s important, because you need to know all of the ingredients can work well together…)

So, back to the study:

The doctors behind the study scrutinized every detail, looking for even the smallest flaw or sign of evidence to prove our discovery wasn’t possible.

Yet, 8 weeks later when the study was finished and all of the participants’ results were analyzed, the proof was undeniable…

As you might expect, those who took only the placebo experience little to no change…

However, those who took the real formula experienced an INCREDIBLE transformation…



Participants In The Study Enjoyed Up To 8X More 
Fat Loss vs. The Placebo Group!


And that was just the beginning…

Here’s the full breakdown of what participants experienced during this double-blind, placebo-controlled study:


[+] They felt a tremendous rush of new, jitter-free energy…

[+] They developed a leaner physique…

[+] And they experienced visible weight loss throughout their ENTIRE body!




But, Was It A Fluke?

Doctors Did A SECOND Test And Those Who Took The 
Formula Beat The Placebo Group…Again

Not only did the formula we had spent months researching and blending into a perfectly-balanced fat burner PASS with flying colors all over again…

The study’s awestruck doctors eagerly gave it their seal of approval, and the study itself ended up being published in the prestigious Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Not long after, we gave the formula a name—“Metabo 223X”—and it began getting used by everyone from normal men and women, to fitness professionals who live and die by the results they get their clients…


Even elite trainers, like Billy Beck (who regularly consults with fitness pros, movie stars, and other celebrities) started to include Metabo 223X in their short list of trusted products they suggest to clients, to safely get them the fast results they demand.

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Do you want to hop out of the shower, grinning like a cheshire cat, as you FINALLY look in the mirror and see a more defined body?

Are you ready for an effective, natural solution with ingredients backed by real studies and clinical research?

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